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Caterina's World:

Caterina is a little brown bird with great big colorful thoughts. She loves to plan fun things. With all her lists and hard work she's ready for any adventure, even if its not the one she's expecting. 


The Caterina stories take place in Caterina’s Corner.  Caterina and Leo live near the California coast in a large tree overlooking a small abandoned orchard. 


They have many neighbors including (amongst others) Le0's best friend DigDig -a strawberry loving hamster,  Paul -a showtune singing wild peacock, Patrick -a sushi loving bear and Caitlyn a firefighting raccoon addicted to taco pizza.

Caterina loves collecting. She can't help herself, it's her nesting instincts. Some of what she collects are objects that remind her of friends, family, and places she loves. Click the arrows to learn about some of her favorite things.  Can you find these objects in Caterina's book, CATERINA AND THE PERFECT PARTY? 

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Copyright 2012 © erin eitter kono

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