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Caterina and the Flying Garland

Caterina is going to decorate her party with flower garlands.  Help her fly up to hang the garland.  Print, cut, and assemble this simple craft.


Flying Garland PDF

Card stock



Yarn (about 30”)
1 Drinking Straw
1 Penny

(click here to download free template)

1. Print Flying Garland Template on card stock paper.

2. Cut along gold lines. 

3. Cut two 1 inch sections from drinking straw. Tape the straw sections to the back of Caterina’s wings.
4. Tape penny to the back of Caterina’s bottom. (for weight)
5. String the yarn through the straw sections with the loop at the top.
6. Tape Flowers to the ends of each side of string about five inches apart.
7. Optional: if you are a perfectionist you may want to print another template and cut the extra set of flowers to double stick tape back-to-back over the string so that they have ‘finished’ look.
8. Loop the toy over a door knob and pull each side of garland.  Watch Caterina fly.

Copyright 2012 © erin eitter kono

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