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Caterina: Games are Good!

On the computer: (flash required)

Fill Caterina's Basket!

(click to play)

Caterina Puzzle

-this one's a little difficult

(click to play)

Decorate with Caterina! 

(click to play)

Outdoors: (smiles required)

Caterina and Leo both love to try new outdoor games.  Their favorites require only friends and a few simple rules to play.  Here's some for you to try too: 

Eggs in a Nest

What You Need: Nothing!

How to Play: A variation of hide and seek. In this game, one child/bird ("It") hides while all the other kids count to 50. Everyone looks for the hider, but instead of revealing his hiding place, each player quietly hides with "It" when they find him. Soon, those who are left realize that they are looking for a hiding place where lots of people are located instead of just one person. The game ends when the final child/bird finds all the hiders. She then becomes "It."

Cat and Bird

What You Need: Nothing!

How to Play: Designate one player as the cat and one as the bird. The rest of the players join hands in a circle with the bird inside. The bird must try to keep away from the cat outside the circle, but the bird cant stay inside the circle for more than five seconds. The players in the circle should lift their arms to let the bird in and out of the circle as it flies from the cat. The cat can’t enter the circle, but can reach inside to catch the bird by tagging him. As a result, the other players can squeeze together to keep the cat from reaching into the circle. If the cat catches the bird, the bird becomes the cat and a new bird is chosen.

Duck Duck Goose

What You Need: Nothing!

How to Play: The players sit in a circle on the ground as one person walks around the outside. As the player on the outside walks, he taps each sitting person’s head and say “Duck, Duck, Duck”, until he chooses to say “Goose.” The person selected as “Goose” stands up and chases the person who selected him around the circle. If the person who selects the Goose reaches the Goose’s spot before being tagged, he wins. If the Goose tags the person that selected them before the person can sit down in the Goose’s spot, he gets their seat back, and the original person selecting Duck, Duck, Goose has to start over or they go into the stew pot in the center of the circle. 


Light No Light  (Similar to Red Light Green Light but for nocternal birds)

What You Need: A flashlight.

How to Play: The player designated as "it" stands a good distance off from the rest of the kids/birds, with his back turned to the rest of the group with the light off and the children run toward him until he turns it on, turns around and tries to catch anyone who is moving. If he sees someone moving, that person must go back to the start line. Play continues until someone runs up and tags “it”.

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