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Print and assemble Caterina's Perfect Playset! Caterina and Leo live in a large tree.  They have a nest, a kitchen, and a living space.  With Caterina's playset you can act out all the fun.

Caterina's Perfect Playset

1. Print the Caterina Play Tree and Character Templates on cardstock paper.

2. Cut the outline of tree templates along the gold line and glue or double stick tape the two like images back to back. (1 to 2; 3 to 4) Cut the slits in the tree.

3. Slot the tree shapes together to create the 3D tree.

4. Cut the characters along the gold line.  Fold along the dotted line so that character images are back to back and a circular stand is formed.  Glue or double stick tape.

5. Play!

Copyright 2012 © erin eitter kono

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